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IOTA Cryptomoeda values 20%, see what may have motivated

Cryptomoeda is being one of the high points in the cryptomoeda market this weekend.

iota is a modern way of exchange and this crypto currency is a convenient means of payment

IOTA Cryptomoeda is one of the weekend’s high points in the cryptomoeda market, with the price rising over 24% in the last 24 hours. With the rise, the currency has risen to position 34 in the cryptomote market cap.

One of the details that caught the community’s attention is that one of the founders of the project would be travelling. The destination? New York, a city that contains a large number of cryptomime brokers.

Among other reasons, IOTA technology was being used to help Bitcoin Billionaire carry out COVID-19 tests at an international airport. Recognition of the action may also have driven the valorization of cryptomoeda.

In any case, many who bought the asset a few years ago are still at a loss.

IOTA Cryptomoeda Values High at Weekend after Good News and Community Speculation
When passing through Frankfurt airport, one of Europe’s leading airports, everyone should perform tests to see if they are with COVID-19. Upon receiving the test result, the person will be able to check their registration in a blockchain.

And among the blockchains that are validating the tests of thousands of people passing through the airport, one of them is the IOTA. The discovery was made by a currency fan, who shared that the currency has been in use for some months now, although few people have this knowledge.

In a photo of a document showing the test result, the enthusiast showed the IOTA’s image. In addition, blockchain Ethereum was also being used to record COVID-19 at Frankfurt Airport.

The enthusiast celebrated the adoption of the IOTA at such an important time. Although the currency does not use the blockchain technology like other crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, for example, its DAG technology is similar and uses similar concepts.

With blockchain technology, a recorded record remains forever recorded, and it is virtually impossible to reverse the information. This huge adoption was celebrated by the IOTA community, and could be one of the points that brought the coin to 24% in just 24 hours.

IOTA can be listed in major US brokerage house
Another point that may have been the reason for the valorisation of IOTA cryptomime is a possible listing in a large brokerage house. According to a Reddit user, Dominik Schiener would be travelling to New York to handle new IOTA listings at large brokerage houses.

The city would be home to major cryptomaniac brokers such as Gemini, for example. This brokerage house belongs to the Winklevoss brothers, who are recognized as the first Bitcoin billionaires in history.

Thus, the community has speculated that a possible listing in the brokerage house is possible. The subject is in any case speculation by the community, but it may be one of the reasons for the recent rise in the currency.

For those who bought the IOTA at the 2017-2018 historical high, the IOTA is still a loss-making project. At the time, the IOTA was worth $5.25 at some brokerage houses, falling 91% since then. Those who bought it a year ago, however, are already making more than 140% gains today.