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Ethereum’s $2K Aspiration at Stake in Tug of War with Liquidations

• Ethereum’s long position liquidations reached a record-high of $58 million in May.
• Mean Liquidated Volume in Futures Contracts Long Positions surpassed 32,000 ETH, equivalent to over $58 million.
• Despite witnessing a minor surge, the potential for growth remains overshadowed by the rampant liquidations.

Ethereum’s $2000 Aspiration Faces Tug of War with Liquidations

Record-High Liquidations

Ethereum’s long positions have been on a tumultuous rollercoaster ride, with record-high liquidations topping $58 million in May. An analysis by Glassnode Alerts revealed that the Mean Liquidated Volume in Ethereum Futures Contracts’ Long Positions spiked on May 27, surpassing 32,000 ETH and amounting to over $58 million at the current valuation. This staggering figure makes it one of the highest ETH Futures Liquidations in May.

High-Risk Profile of Futures Contracts

Futures contracts pose a high-risk scenario due to their inherent design. When traders invest in long positions for Ethereum futures contracts, they speculate on the price of ETH to increase but risk surfaces when ETH falls below a specific threshold and traders’ accounts fall short of covering losses, triggering liquidations. A 24-hour examination of the Ethereum liquidation map revealed that ETH saw liquidations amounting to $8.42 million – with $2.48 million attributed to long positions and $5.94 million attributed to short positions – indicating higher risk faced by long positions throughout May.

Minor Price Uptrend Show Potential Recovery

Despite volatility, Ethereum is currently trending bearish around the $1,820 price range and has been trapped within the $1,800 price range for a substantial period – however there is still potential for recovery as witnessed by a minor uptrend in prices recently.

Unveiling 24-Hour Timeframe Roller Coaster

The market presents a daunting landscape for traders with uncertainty surrounding liquidations; however there is still hope as highlighted by Ethereum’s minor surge indicating potential growth amidst an otherwise bearish market environment.


Ethereum faces tough competition from record-high liquidations while attempting to reach its goal of breaking through the $2000 mark; however hope remains as indicated by its recent uptrends showing signs of recovery from this turbulent period despite its high-risk profile involving futures contracts making it an unpredictable asset class for investors and traders alike